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Who is Garry the Groundhog?

Garry The Groundhog is one of the many ways Calumet Park Cemetery and Funeral Chapel reaches out to be a part of our community. Garry's program was developed to help children to better understand the cycle of life and cope with a loss of the ones they cared for.

Garry The Groundhog is a very bright and colorful character that lives on the grounds of the beautiful Calumet Park Cemetery. You can learn more about him in our Calumet Park Funeral Chapel's children's area or by going to

Garry The Groundhog package includes a very colorful book, a short video program (including Garry's song you may have already heard on the radio) and a sing-along CD. Feel free to call our main phone number and ask for Rob Vogel and Garry The Groundhog may appear to talk to the kids in your organization.

Garry's life is the cemetery and his home is nestled in the land of Calumet Park Cemetery in Merrillville Indiana. The memorial park sets on about 400 rolling and aesthetic acres, luscious crop fields, varieties of water, grasses, beautiful vegetation and many special features..

Garry, is a groundhog who grew up in a cemetery, the same place his family over the generations had called home. Why is a groundhog, also referred to as a whistle pig, marmot, a gopher, and cousin of a ground squirrel so symbolic? Why does he live in a cemetery?
He was born there, he grew up there, his family and friends live there, that is his home.

A Groundhog was chosen for a reason?
A groundhog family is found in most of the United States with relatives found across the world, and there are many members to the ground burrowing family. Nearly ninety percent of cemeteries across the nation are home to the groundhog or close family members, which can portray symbolism for children. There is a correlation between a cemetery and the ground hog family.
A cemetery is not a place to fear or be afraid of, but rather a place to come and celebrate ones life and see the landmarks of the greatest people in our lives.
We wanted to give children something to smile about and to think about, by showing them they are not alone in their feelings.

"A ground hog burrows in the ground but will always come out to see the light."
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